nightly rates


Small Dog $28

12" at the shoulder or smaller.


medium dog $30

All but Giant Breeds.


giant breed $34

Danes, St. Bernards, etc.


cat $14

Standard condo.


cat $17

Multi-level condo. – No additional charges for custom feeding.


Please be aware that there 2-night minimum charge for boarded pets. There is a 3-night minimum charge during holidays, as well as during summer weekends (mid-June to mid-September).

daily RATES for dog daycare


regular $30

All but Small Dogs (see below).



12" at the shoulder or smaller.

boarding discounts

Discounts apply only to pets boarded by the same owner.

  • $1 off per pet per day when one owner boards 2 or more pets with us.
  • $2 off per dog per day when 2 dogs (same owner) are boarded in a shared kennel.
  • 50% off for the third pet (same owner) boarded in a shared kennel or cat condo.
  • 10% off for pets staying with us for 30 days or more if paid in advance.

In order to ensure we can continue to provide individualized service and attention to all of our pet guests, we may charge additional fees for special food, medication, etc.

Please see our Boarding Services page for more information.