custom nutrition

We proudly serve Nutro Natural Choice to our pet guests.

You are welcome to bring your own food from home. Special food can be brought in bulk (we will portion it as instructed), or individually packaged by meal. We are happy to freeze, refrigerate, or heat your pet's special food as needed.

Custom food service is provided at the cost of $1 per meal. 


We understand that many of our pet guests take prescribed medication on a regular basis. We are happy to ensure your pet's health by administering your medications. You must supply the medication to cover the duration of your pet's stay. Our experienced staff will administer most types of medication, including insulin shots. If you have any questions about special medications, please call us at (856) 235-0196.

Medication is administered at the cost of $1 per dispensation. If your pet is getting multiple types of medication at one time, you are only charged for the single dispensation. We will not charge to administer medication when your pet is receiving custom food at the same time.

playtime & exercise

Our canine runs are larger than you find at most other boarding kennels. Dogs have freedom of movement between an indoor and outdoor run 24 hours a day, unless you specify otherwise. Because of this, many dogs get more exercise than they may normally receive at home. Our staff our constantly interacting with our pet guests to ensure they are healthy and happy. For owners who would like their dog to receive additional one-on-one attention, we offer playtime & exercise services.

Playtime & exercise services can be provided at the cost of $5 per 10-minute session. At your request, we'll take your pet for a walk on the grounds, or even just provide some extra individual attention with petting or playtime.